To seek alpha, analyze managers, not funds

By rickColosimo / December 5, 2009 /

This WSJ article on identifying and analyzing mutual funds is interesting because of what’s not there. The article describes a new study by Fama and French, the prolific finance authors who continue to study the efficient market hypothesis and the effects of pretending it doesn’t exist. In short, the study tracked yet another big collection…

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$500 software bounty for Blackberry BCC tool (increased!)

By rickColosimo / April 2, 2009 /

Now that Rim is adding its own app store, titled “App World,” we’re renewing and increasing our earlier software bounty for a tool (plugin/patch/hack) that allows users of hosted BES to enable automatic BCC’ing of any address. Our original post described the features and functions, with an original bounty of $250. New Bounty: $500 (work-for-hire)…

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NOLs can be hard to understand

By rickColosimo / February 23, 2009 /

Net operating losses, or NOLs, accumulate when a business has tax losses in a given year rather than profits. They are typically carried back to earlier profits but may be accumulated in as carry-forwards for up to 20 years. Sirius, after recently merging with XM, has an unfortunate asset: accumulated NOLs of about $6 billion.…

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Use a deal diagram shape template to capture details

By rickColosimo / January 19, 2009 /

In both my past as a corporate lawyer and as a strategic advisor, I often find myself drawing deal diagrams for a variety of parties. Even among those familiar with deal diagrams, I have not found any great uniformity in the choice of shapes; most people go with rectangles all around. However, having been in…

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