AI Review Isn't Enough

By rickColosimo / March 13, 2018 / Comments Off on AI Review Isn't Enough

I just read Ken Adam’s post on AI review of legal documents. In the case of services that offer contract templates, if I don’t know who prepared a template, I’m not going to trust it. Even if I do know, I’ll be skeptical unless given good reason not to be. I had this exact comment…

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How to allocate risk you find in due diligence

By rickColosimo / September 21, 2008 /

We generally subscribe to the theory that commercial contracts are about allocation of risk in a transaction. Dealbook today writes about a clause in the Merrill Lynch / Bank of America merger agreement. Here’s the clause: “(c) No investigation by a party hereto or its representatives shall affect the representations and warranties of the other…

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