Do financial services companies provide value?

By rickColosimo / December 6, 2008 / Comments Off on Do financial services companies provide value?

There is an interesting Forbes article by John Bogle in the November 17 issue. To summarize, Bogle determined that in a recent year, the “financial services” industry effectively took $620 billion off the top for a 7% fee on $9.5 trillion value of stocks, or 2% of a $30 trillion value of bonds, or 1.5%…

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Short Form Due Diligence Request List

By rickColosimo / November 24, 2008 /

We are often approached by small businesses that are seeking capital in connection with strategic and operational advice. For anyone corresponding with us, or frankly for anyone starting to get a handle on an existing business, here’s a short due diligence request list. This list would also serve a new director well to become acquainted…

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