What investor risk profile does your company match?

By rickColosimo / February 16, 2011 / Comments Off on What investor risk profile does your company match?

Here’s a brief quote from an interview with an entrepreneur turned angel investor about types of startup risk: Angels will largely take a product risk (they bet on the product or idea and your ability to build it). “A” round investors or late-stage seed investors will take a market risk (they want to see the…

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Do you track liquidation scenarios in your startup?

By rickColosimo / February 1, 2011 /

Fred Wilson has had a series of posts relating to M&A transactions, generally revolving around case studies. This one on ChiliSoft describes how certain features embedded in the capitalization table (liquidation preferences and floating price warrants), coupled with being acquired for shares rather than cash led to a seemingly dramatic erosion of value for the…

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Principles of War: Mass

By rickColosimo / November 11, 2010 / Comments Off on Principles of War: Mass

Our first principle to convert from military to mainstream business usage is Mass. Here’s the original: Mass – Concentrate combat power at the decisive place and time What mass means from the military perspective is that you bring together whatever forces are necessary to achieve a desired result. An example would be moving forces from…

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Why do you need a Ranger Buddy?

By rickColosimo / May 6, 2010 /

My pal Rex just posted about teamwork, in the literal sense, over at Grootship. This struck me because the notion of having a ranger buddy was drilled into us in countless ways during Ranger School, not the least of which was doing lots and lots of pushups if you strayed too far from your Ranger…

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