Principles of War: Mass

By rickColosimo / November 11, 2010 / Comments Off on Principles of War: Mass

Our first principle to convert from military to mainstream business usage is Mass. Here’s the original: Mass – Concentrate combat power at the decisive place and time What mass means from the military perspective is that you bring together whatever forces are necessary to achieve a desired result. An example would be moving forces from…

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Happy Veterans’ Day

By rickColosimo / November 11, 2010 / Comments Off on Happy Veterans’ Day

Today is a day I treat much like Memorial Day, with the difference that I’m not uncomfortable about receiving greetings today. (Memorial Day is for fallen servicemembers; I’m not in that category nor have I been in harm’s way. Many others have; think of them today.

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How to make faster decisions

By rickColosimo / January 21, 2009 /

We’ve written before about decisiveness, the skill of being able to make decisions quickly, particularly in an environment of uncertainty and obviously incomplete information. Recognizing that not only will you never have access to complete information that is also completely reliable is just one piece of the puzzle. You also have to recognize that delaying…

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Principles of War – Military

By rickColosimo / May 13, 2008 /

In OCS (for Rick) and at West Point (for Mike), we were both tasked with learning bits of “required knowledge.” These were bits of useful or historical information, such as lifesaving steps or MacArthur’s Duty, Honor, Country quote, or mnemonics used commonly in the US Army, such as OCOKA (obstacles, cover & concealment, orientation, key…

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