Why pretend Facebook is a sure thing?

By rickColosimo / February 4, 2011 / Comments Off on Why pretend Facebook is a sure thing?

Dear NY Times, Please stop writing about corporate finance. Nobody who worked on this article appears to know anything about securities laws, corporate finance, reasons companies go public, or how to read past issues of this paper. Securities laws: Facebook is subject to the same fundamental law as every other company: Rule 10b5, which says…

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When directors understand governance

By rickColosimo / February 9, 2009 / Comments Off on When directors understand governance

Footnoted, a regular read for us, recently found some great references to intra-board conflict resolution, or the lack thereof. This memo by director Thomas Hallagan explains several of the reasons he decided to leave the board of Amerisafe at the expiration of his term. We’ve heard similar comments from directors at other companies, although not…

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Bailout: cause & effect

By rickColosimo / October 1, 2008 / Comments Off on Bailout: cause & effect

Larry Ribstein, who’s a law professor and pretty focused on corporate governance generally, just described the bailout in some pretty straightforward terms. WARNING: we are not typically focused on macroeconomics except in scenario planning. However, we see strong tendrils of the situation that are really about investor expectations, the efficiency of the market, and the…

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