All finance is finance

By rickColosimo / October 12, 2010 / Comments Off on All finance is finance

A colleague recently asked us about finance and money tips for small businesses. Since we spend a huge amount of time analyzing very large companies from the perspective of the equity markets, it might seem that the lessons we teach those companies would not translate well. The truth is the complete opposite. From a traditional…

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Performance management is risk management

By rickColosimo / October 7, 2010 / Comments Off on Performance management is risk management

Where TSC has become involved in the detailed analysis of investment portfolios, we’ve chosen to focus on the massive amount of data that is in fact sitting on the books of financial advisors, rather than on broad market segments standing alone. In working with a high-net-worth family, we sought to track not just overall performance…

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How much does revenue matter?

By rickColosimo / September 23, 2010 / Comments Off on How much does revenue matter?

This finance link post from the team at 37Signals briefly compares Apple’s share of the mobile phone market (apparently by volume) with its share of the profits in that market: Market share is irrelevant if you can’t turn it into a dominant profit share. That’s their quote. Here’s ours: “it’s all about revenue” #famouslastwords There…

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Why do you need a Ranger Buddy?

By rickColosimo / May 6, 2010 /

My pal Rex just posted about teamwork, in the literal sense, over at Grootship. This struck me because the notion of having a ranger buddy was drilled into us in countless ways during Ranger School, not the least of which was doing lots and lots of pushups if you strayed too far from your Ranger…

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