What happens when nonpublic information is shared?

By rickColosimo / December 20, 2010 / Comments Off on What happens when nonpublic information is shared?

Answer: it becomes regular useless information, arbitraged away by the market. (Unless you don’t believe in the efficient market hypothesis, in which case you’re reading the wrong blog! The only way to live in between those two things is to believe that you understand the mechanics of value differently or better than the market and…

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When directors understand governance

By rickColosimo / February 9, 2009 / Comments Off on When directors understand governance

Footnoted, a regular read for us, recently found some great references to intra-board conflict resolution, or the lack thereof. This memo by director Thomas Hallagan explains several of the reasons he decided to leave the board of Amerisafe at the expiration of his term. We’ve heard similar comments from directors at other companies, although not…

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Insider deal = Bad, Outsider deal = Okay?

By rickColosimo / April 8, 2008 / Comments Off on Insider deal = Bad, Outsider deal = Okay?

This Forbes article sets forth an interesting analysis on some factors that might impact the pricing of a Microsoft-Yahoo deal. The basic premise is that since many shareholders of one company are [likely] shareholders of the other, these cross-holdings necessarily lead to an optimization analysis. If MSFT shares fall as a result of an increased…

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