DDA means use *detailed* data

By rickColosimo / February 17, 2020 / Comments Off on DDA means use *detailed* data

I wrote this tweet in 2013, after seeing the McKinsey article on digging into details. Disaggregate data – take per-segment => per-customer analysis. @McKinsey catches up with @maprinci circa 2007 http://t.co/vi4bsVbCdS — rickcolosimo (@rickcolosimo) December 5, 2013 The world has been moving to big data, and at the same time executives keep trying to abstract…

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Spreadsheet errors aren’t the biggest problem

By rickColosimo / April 26, 2013 / Comments Off on Spreadsheet errors aren’t the biggest problem

Following the recent hullabaloo about some seemingly simplistic spreadsheet errors in a recent study, many articles have decried the pervasive nature of spreadsheet errors.  What we’ve found though, is that just as typos are the not the biggest problem with written work, it is weak  or sloppy analysis that is the real problem in many more…

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All finance is finance

By rickColosimo / October 12, 2010 / Comments Off on All finance is finance

A colleague recently asked us about finance and money tips for small businesses. Since we spend a huge amount of time analyzing very large companies from the perspective of the equity markets, it might seem that the lessons we teach those companies would not translate well. The truth is the complete opposite. From a traditional…

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To seek alpha, analyze managers, not funds

By rickColosimo / December 5, 2009 /

This WSJ article on identifying and analyzing mutual funds is interesting because of what’s not there. The article describes a new study by Fama and French, the prolific finance authors who continue to study the efficient market hypothesis and the effects of pretending it doesn’t exist. In short, the study tracked yet another big collection…

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