Replace missed donations with pledges

By rickColosimo / November 21, 2010 / Comments Off on Replace missed donations with pledges

This WSJ article describes the potential fallout to nonprofit organizations from projected changes in tax rates. If personal income tax rates are going to increase, then, as the article states, it make sense to defer donations until the years when the value of the tax deduction is increased. (To the donor, that return is all…

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Evaluate nonprofits by starting with the goal

By rickColosimo / November 11, 2009 /

This recent memo from the president of moved way beyond the typical self-congratulatory non-news and sales announcements and started off with a bang: start with these two simple and profound questions: what is your organization’s mission and how are you trying to accomplish it? It’s amazing how many organizations can’t answer this. I read…

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Software Bounty: $250 for blackberry email tweak

By rickColosimo / October 2, 2008 /

Wanted: a work-for-hire (so it can be released under a CC license for non-commercial use, exact license TBD) software “widget” that, at a minimum, works on a GSM Blackberry Pearl (AT&T) using Hosted BES from Intermedia. Feature: allows for an option-type (i.e., one time) setting to auto-BCC a single address on every email sent from…

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Buffett and sour grapes

By rickColosimo / May 16, 2007 /

We recently came across this brief interview from a “political philosopher.” Of course, that’s not going to mix well with our nothing-but-the-fundamentals view of business and achieving goals. (We tend to leave the philosophy for the goal-setting.) In brief, the gentleman says that Warren Buffett’s generous gift to charity, rivaling the US’s most revered benefactors,…

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