Investment Due Diligence

We have investigated a wide range of investments in new ventures and existing businesses. Too often, investors who have no desire to create a formal investing entity spend time getting prospects to provide the right information.

As part of an investment due diligence project, whether on a one-time basis, as an on-call due diligence team, or as a dedicated outsourced filter, we can help both refine and improve the quality of information that reaches you before you invest the time to analyze and decide whether an investment suits you.

We approach these proposals as if you are *our* investor, not just someone whose inbox we’re filling with every PowerPoint that crosses our desk. For example, for us to put together a reasonable proposal for investors, we channel those seeking funds to address a few threshold issues:

  • For what purpose are the initial funds being used?
  • Do these funds need to be in cash or will a letter of credit suffice?
  • Who are the parties involved in the transaction?
  • What are the expected future funding requirements?
  • How do we think funds will flow in the transaction to each of the parties?
  • What will be the timing of any funds flows?
  • What are the volumes, frequencies, and expected revenue and profit of the transactions?
  • What kind of returns on the initial capital can we anticipate?
  • Can a lockbox be used for holding and distributing the funds?
  • For how long is the initial money required to be invested before any distributions or returns of capital?
  • For how long should we anticipate our involvement to last?

We have also created a proprietary investment management and evaluation platform to assist investors with the necessary oversight. Should you desire us to manage outside investments using our platform, we can integrate all the requisite reporting and give you a richness of reporting that you never knew you could expect from your advisors.