Do financial services companies provide value?

By rickColosimo / December 6, 2008 / Comments Off on Do financial services companies provide value?

There is an interesting Forbes article by John Bogle in the November 17 issue. To summarize, Bogle determined that in a recent year, the “financial services” industry effectively took $620 billion off the top for a 7% fee on $9.5 trillion value of stocks, or 2% of a $30 trillion value of bonds, or 1.5%…

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Legal Spending per share is wrong metric

By rickColosimo / October 24, 2008 /

A recent PLI newsletter article referenced an idea of measuring legal department spending in terms of $0.xx/share. The editor notes, correctly in our opinion, that the per-share measure is likely to be unsuitable over the long-term because share numbers change for reasons wholly unrelated to legal department spending. What we often tell clients to consider,…

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Software Bounty: $250 for blackberry email tweak

By rickColosimo / October 2, 2008 /

Wanted: a work-for-hire (so it can be released under a CC license for non-commercial use, exact license TBD) software “widget” that, at a minimum, works on a GSM Blackberry Pearl (AT&T) using Hosted BES from Intermedia. Feature: allows for an option-type (i.e., one time) setting to auto-BCC a single address on every email sent from…

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Rethinking your workspace

By rickColosimo / June 24, 2008 / Comments Off on Rethinking your workspace

In this article, David Allen of GTD fame discusses the office hardware that supports his implementation of GTD. And by hardware, I don’t mean computers, I mean the aluminum, wood, and plastic contraptions and tools that populate our offices, that create the environmental backdrop for our workdays. We’ve come across a similar analysis of office…

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