Principles of War: Mass

By rickColosimo / November 11, 2010 / Comments Off on Principles of War: Mass

Our first principle to convert from military to mainstream business usage is Mass. Here’s the original: Mass – Concentrate combat power at the decisive place and time What mass means from the military perspective is that you bring together whatever forces are necessary to achieve a desired result. An example would be moving forces from…

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What do I “do” with due diligence?

By rickColosimo / August 9, 2010 /

Here’s a recent post by Rick Colosimo in the Five-Minute General Counsel series on due diligence, with an even shorter short form due diligence request list than our own investor-based due diligence list. One question we haven’t answered here yet is: what is the point of all this? Well, investors/acquirors have three main risks to…

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What data is needed for an alternative fee structure?

By rickColosimo / June 16, 2009 /

We recently wrote about alternative fee structures for large law firms and their clients. A post from the WSJ law blog on Kirkland & Ellis’s foray into the field recognizes a point we’ve made before: some companies (and indeed, most law firms) don’t have good information about their usage of legal services. Without solid data-driven…

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Bolstering valuations through detailed analysis

By rickColosimo / January 28, 2009 /

Most valuations follow a traditional pathway, with only slight differences between public and private companies: 1. Determine a valuation range based on the values of comparable public companies 2. Determine a valuation range based on the values revealed by transactions involving comparable companies 3. Perform a discounted cash flow analysis Using the three legs of…

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