Tools & Resources

Here’s a collection of tools we’ve created over the years to help clients as well as ourselves. We’ll add more as we make the move toward digitizing more of our long-running favorites. There’s a little magic here – but the real magic is in making these work for you and your situation. That’s the heart of data-driven analysis, and it’s where our road to providing real value starts.

Some of our colleagues wonder why we publish these kinds of resource. My answer is always that other good folks already know these things, and the lost or clueless won’t get it right no matter what we put in front of them. As for clients and prospective clients, we’d prefer to think they like us because we’re the kind of guys who can and do build these materials from scratch and understand the deep financial concepts, and the math used to express them and the leadership decisions used to put them in action, inherent in strategic financial transactions, good corporate governance, and financial modeling.

Introductory Valuation Tool

Here’s a simplified valuation framework extracted from financial models and valuations we’ve built for clients over the years. You start by adding some summary financial information from your projections. If you plug in the numbers from your financial model, it’ll give you a quick view of how those numbers affect the valuation of the company from a VC perspective.