To seek alpha, analyze managers, not funds

By rickColosimo / December 5, 2009 /

This WSJ article on identifying and analyzing mutual funds is interesting because of what’s not there. The article describes a new study by Fama and French, the prolific finance authors who continue to study the efficient market hypothesis and the effects of pretending it doesn’t exist. In short, the study tracked yet another big collection…

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Evaluate nonprofits by starting with the goal

By rickColosimo / November 11, 2009 /

This recent memo from the president of moved way beyond the typical self-congratulatory non-news and sales announcements and started off with a bang: start with these two simple and profound questions: what is your organization’s mission and how are you trying to accomplish it? It’s amazing how many organizations can’t answer this. I read…

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What data is needed for an alternative fee structure?

By rickColosimo / June 16, 2009 /

We recently wrote about alternative fee structures for large law firms and their clients. A post from the WSJ law blog on Kirkland & Ellis’s foray into the field recognizes a point we’ve made before: some companies (and indeed, most law firms) don’t have good information about their usage of legal services. Without solid data-driven…

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More MSFT cash-usage ideas….

By rickColosimo / June 2, 2009 /

[NB: this post was started quite some time ago, and it recently re-surfaced in our ‘drafts’ folder. Sorry for the delay, but we believe that the underlying issues are still interesting and how companies use cash is more, not less, relevant in a turbulent economy.] Business Week ran a short piece profiling the investment analysis…

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