What do I “do” with due diligence?

By rickColosimo / August 9, 2010 /

Here’s a recent post by Rick Colosimo in the Five-Minute General Counsel series on due diligence, with an even shorter short form due diligence request list than our own investor-based due diligence list. One question we haven’t answered here yet is: what is the point of all this? Well, investors/acquirors have three main risks to…

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Can buybacks make sense in a crisis?

By rickColosimo / June 9, 2009 / Comments Off on Can buybacks make sense in a crisis?

Just recently, we published another post regarding stock buybacks and how the math is the math: you can change your risk profile, but in any case, at some point the usage of cash to buy stock makes sense as a low-cost way of returning value to shareholders. Sure, there are commentators who complain that a…

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More MSFT cash-usage ideas….

By rickColosimo / June 2, 2009 /

[NB: this post was started quite some time ago, and it recently re-surfaced in our ‘drafts’ folder. Sorry for the delay, but we believe that the underlying issues are still interesting and how companies use cash is more, not less, relevant in a turbulent economy.] Business Week ran a short piece profiling the investment analysis…

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Use 409A risk & expense to improve the company

By rickColosimo / March 24, 2009 / Comments Off on Use 409A risk & expense to improve the company

This short summary notes that IRC Section 409Ais now effective (actually as of January 1, 2009). While there are number of well-known types of deferred compensation that are subject to 409A, there is one area where the exact application of the law can be confusing even to those who specialize in general corporate practice.Incentive stock…

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