How Bailout courses of action should affect your business model

By rickColosimo / October 6, 2008 /

This article from the 2001 Nobel laureate in economics is a concise and cogent description of the courses of action re: the bailout. We’re pleased to see that someone is talking about the need for quality due diligence and the potential risks of shoddy or slight investigations into value. We have pushed this message with…

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Some recent board issues

By rickColosimo / June 2, 2008 / Comments Off on Some recent board issues

We thought we’d get two short posts out together rather than torture them into longer posts. Chairman/CEO split. A piece published in the WSJ’s May 10-11 Weekend Edition described Wachovia’s recent split of the Chairman and CEO roles. Appparently, they decry the notion that it’s being framed as a punishment of sorts for the…

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Yahoo board takes fire

By rickColosimo / May 15, 2008 / Comments Off on Yahoo board takes fire

A few pieces are detailing Carl Icahn’s foray into Yahoo and his decision to take up the proxy fight Microsoft appears to have abandoned. This Dealbook article gets my vote today because of this quote from Icahn: It is unconscionable that you have not allowed your shareholders to choose to accept an offer that represented…

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Insider deal = Bad, Outsider deal = Okay?

By rickColosimo / April 8, 2008 / Comments Off on Insider deal = Bad, Outsider deal = Okay?

This Forbes article sets forth an interesting analysis on some factors that might impact the pricing of a Microsoft-Yahoo deal. The basic premise is that since many shareholders of one company are [likely] shareholders of the other, these cross-holdings necessarily lead to an optimization analysis. If MSFT shares fall as a result of an increased…

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