Happy Veterans’ Day

By rickColosimo / November 11, 2010 /

Today is a day I treat much like Memorial Day, with the difference that I’m not uncomfortable about receiving greetings today. (Memorial Day is for fallen servicemembers; I’m not in that category nor have I been in harm’s way. Many others have; think of them today.

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All finance is finance

By rickColosimo / October 12, 2010 /

A colleague recently asked us about finance and money tips for small businesses. Since we spend a huge amount of time analyzing very large companies from the perspective of the equity markets, it might seem that the lessons we teach those companies would not translate well. The truth is the complete opposite. From a traditional…

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Followup: takers and makers

By rickColosimo / October 9, 2010 /

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has a recent short post on two kinds of people: takers and makers. Takers make their money by taking from others. They are usually bad business people and their careers often end in failure. Makers build things. They create value for society, their employees, their shareholders, and themselves. This…

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Performance management is risk management

By rickColosimo / October 7, 2010 /

Where TSC has become involved in the detailed analysis of investment portfolios, we’ve chosen to focus on the massive amount of data that is in fact sitting on the books of financial advisors, rather than on broad market segments standing alone. In working with a high-net-worth family, we sought to track not just overall performance…

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