Cash, Debt, and WACC

By rickColosimo / March 6, 2006 /

A recent Fortune article by Geoffrey Colvin discusses the relatively low percentage of debt in the capital structure of a large percentage of US public companies (he cites that “25% of the Russell 3000 have no debt or negative debt”). His primary point is that by not having “enough” debt, companies are suffering from a…

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Model venture financing documents

By rickColosimo / March 9, 2004 /

NVCA Model Financing Documents

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Freeing up the social graph

By rickColosimo / September 22, 2003 / – Real Time: “Friendster has various community-related plans to make money off the network. But we can see some other applications. For instance, Friendster could license its service to law enforcement. Forget the photos pinned on the corkboard: Just plug in profiles for all the major players, and see connections that weren’t obvious before.…

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Selling personal data

By rickColosimo / September 2, 2003 /

Techdirt:Should You Sell Your Personal Data?

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