Why do you need a Ranger Buddy?

My pal Rex just posted about teamwork, in the literal sense, over at Grootship.

This struck me because the notion of having a ranger buddy was drilled into us in countless ways during Ranger School, not the least of which was doing lots and lots of pushups if you strayed too far from your Ranger buddy.

The non-military world takes this idea a little less seriously, but many of the benefits are still available, and I tried to explain some of them that we see.

Here’s my comment on Rex’s post.

How do you find ways to mix or balance individual work with camaraderie, different perspectives, and teamwork? Do you assign subordinates to group projects with real dual responsibility?

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  1. Rex on May 7, 2010 at 2:38 am

    Thanks for the plug, Rick.

    It’s funny how some things make sense in one arena, but don’t in a different arena.

    But that’s how innovation happens, mixing ideas into unusual environments.

    Maybe that’s why mixing people with different backgrounds and experiences together can be good too.

    Thanks for mixing our blogs together. I think it helps everyone.