ThoughtStorm Strategic Capital is a boutique advisory firm focused on increasing returns on invested capital for our clients. We concentrate our efforts in three areas: mergers and acquisitions, strategy, and interim management services. We embrace high standards, attention to detail, and discipline in our analysis, planning, and execution.

Here at TSC our focus is on Strategic Capital. To different companies, that means different things:

  • We think about the importance of strategic thinking, of working *on* your business, not *in* your business. Our teams introduce thought capital to analyze the firm’s results (moving from merely describing what happened to determining what should happen next) and to jumpstart the firm’s execution of its essential tasks.
  • We find ways to use capital strategically, by bringing it into a firm to change its capital structure, by freeing up working capital, and making the firm more efficient. We think about capital in all its forms — cash (equity and debt), intangible assets, human resources, and thought capital. Every business employs these types of capital but their use is generally focused solely on tactical issues, such as filling orders, tracking sales, or managing receivables.
  • TSC itself is “strategic capital:” management talent concentrating effort to assist you with your business problems. After several years of involvement with a variety of engagements, transactions, and clients, we’ve narrowed our focus to three areas where we have found we can have the most positive impact in the shortest time frame: mergers and acquisitions, strategy, and interim management.