Short Form Due Diligence Request List

By rickColosimo / November 24, 2008 /

We are often approached by small businesses that are seeking capital in connection with strategic and operational advice. For anyone corresponding with us, or frankly for anyone starting to get a handle on an existing business, here’s a short due diligence request list. This list would also serve a new director well to become acquainted…

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How to allocate risk you find in due diligence

By rickColosimo / September 21, 2008 /

We generally subscribe to the theory that commercial contracts are about allocation of risk in a transaction. Dealbook today writes about a clause in the Merrill Lynch / Bank of America merger agreement. Here’s the clause: “(c) No investigation by a party hereto or its representatives shall affect the representations and warranties of the other…

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Yahoo board takes fire

By rickColosimo / May 15, 2008 / Comments Off on Yahoo board takes fire

A few pieces are detailing Carl Icahn’s foray into Yahoo and his decision to take up the proxy fight Microsoft appears to have abandoned. This Dealbook article gets my vote today because of this quote from Icahn: It is unconscionable that you have not allowed your shareholders to choose to accept an offer that represented…

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Excess capital and negative spread

By rickColosimo / March 29, 2006 / Comments Off on Excess capital and negative spread

Geoffrey Colvin, the star of our last post, is once again delivering basic finance concepts to the masses in his all-too-short article on the AT&T- BellSouth merger. Believe us, basic is the level that many corporate finance & management teams are working at, so Colvin is doing shareholders a favor (we can assume a broad…

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