Legal Spending per share is wrong metric

By rickColosimo / October 24, 2008 /

A recent PLI newsletter article referenced an idea of measuring legal department spending in terms of $0.xx/share. The editor notes, correctly in our opinion, that the per-share measure is likely to be unsuitable over the long-term because share numbers change for reasons wholly unrelated to legal department spending. What we often tell clients to consider,…

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Buffett and sour grapes

By rickColosimo / May 16, 2007 /

We recently came across this brief interview from a “political philosopher.” Of course, that’s not going to mix well with our nothing-but-the-fundamentals view of business and achieving goals. (We tend to leave the philosophy for the goal-setting.) In brief, the gentleman says that Warren Buffett’s generous gift to charity, rivaling the US’s most revered benefactors,…

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