How to build your business during slow times

By rickColosimo / March 27, 2009 / Comments Off on How to build your business during slow times

(NB: This is a revised repost from Rick’s blog. We realized it might be helpful here.) This recent Seth Godin post was another timely suggestion from him. He seems to really have a finger on the pulse of what is going on, with timely, succinct, no-fluff posts on issues that are popping up for us…

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NOLs can be hard to understand

By rickColosimo / February 23, 2009 /

Net operating losses, or NOLs, accumulate when a business has tax losses in a given year rather than profits. They are typically carried back to earlier profits but may be accumulated in as carry-forwards for up to 20 years. Sirius, after recently merging with XM, has an unfortunate asset: accumulated NOLs of about $6 billion.…

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Clear examples of weighted-average analysis

By rickColosimo / December 9, 2008 /

When we start discussing our heavy usage of weighted averages with customers, we sometimes get a questioning look, until we make the analysis more concrete for them. People are very familiar with using averages; equity analysts regularly look at numbers such as Days of Sales Outstanding that are composite numbers for an entire company. Very…

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