How to plan for business legal disputes

By rickColosimo / February 25, 2016 / Comments Off on How to plan for business legal disputes

At one point years ago, my business partner and I were discussing how the arbitrator costs for a month of pre-hearing activity was 1/3 of our original out of pocket claim. What is the “deductible” on business claims? How expensive is it, really, to sue a business on a contract claim? And what are the…

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When should nonprofits spend more?

By rickColosimo / May 12, 2015 / Comments Off on When should nonprofits spend more?

Here’s a quote about a program by Habitat for Humanity to try to get better results for people: By betting big on property in a down market, and with the help of a donor network, the group is creating Habitat neighborhoods. –Habitat for Humanity Tries Big-Scale Approach to Housing in Oregon That’s one point of…

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Stealing from the future

By rickColosimo / May 5, 2015 / Comments Off on Stealing from the future

There are plenty of examples where companies and government units borrow from their future in different ways. There are very different issues for the two actors, so we’ll split this into two posts: this one on companies and another future post on government. The traditional way that companies approach capital needs is to borrow money,…

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Great Expectations isn’t just the name of a Dickens novel

By rickColosimo / August 7, 2013 / Comments Off on Great Expectations isn’t just the name of a Dickens novel

We’re continually amazed by the plethora of articles in newspapers and financial magazines that trudge over old ground, or what we thought was old ground. Short example, before we get to the article: why do otherwise wise-seeming publications continue to publish the historical results of mutual funds? Why do they ignore that whole efficient market…

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