Measuring Nonprofit Performance – other approaches

By rickColosimo / January 1, 2008 / Comments Off on Measuring Nonprofit Performance – other approaches

In refining our vision for the Wolfhound Fund, we’ve come across different ideas that are relevant to our plans but don’t capture the entire idea. In this post, we’ll discuss some other approaches, but note that we will not go over what we’ve already discussed, namely Robin Hood. The NYT recently published an article on…

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Freedom of Contract

By rickColosimo / December 31, 2007 / Comments Off on Freedom of Contract

Cerberus Capital, a well-known private equity fund, recently won a short trial in the Delaware Chancery Court allowing it to terminate its acquisition agreement with United Rentals and pay the $100 million termination fee set forth in the contract. The WSJ article spells out the details and the background well, referencing the actual parties and…

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Introducing the Wolfhound Fund

By rickColosimo / December 31, 2007 /

Michael Princi and Rick Colosimo announce the founding of The Wolfhound Fund, a nonprofit entity, whose mission is to help nonprofits and their officers and directors with increasing the returns on the social capital invested in and by the organization. This ROSC measure corresponds to the use of ROIC for for-profit entities. In general, ROSC…

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Finding a lawyer or law firm

By rickColosimo / December 23, 2007 / Comments Off on Finding a lawyer or law firm

We see (and get) emails like this all the time (NB: one of us is a former practicing corporate lawyer): Subject: Looking for good business attorneyI just started at a small XYZ firm/company and am looking for a referral to a good business attorney for general legal matters. We’re looking for a good balance of…

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