Harvesting net operating losses avoids double losses

By rickColosimo / October 7, 2010 /

The NYT displayed some confusion about finance realities in this older column about net operating losses, a perennial “favorite” topic of ours. We’ve done some complex planning (aka invent new deal structures) for a corporation and its shareholders that held as an unfortunate asset a vast amount of net operating losses (NOLs). We reviewed a…

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How much does revenue matter?

By rickColosimo / September 23, 2010 /

This finance link post from the team at 37Signals briefly compares Apple’s share of the mobile phone market (apparently by volume) with its share of the profits in that market: Market share is irrelevant if you can’t turn it into a dominant profit share. That’s their quote. Here’s ours: “it’s all about revenue” #famouslastwords There…

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What kind of valuation do you need?

By rickColosimo / September 5, 2010 /

Someone recently asked about the cost for a valuation. As with many questions we hear, this one also has to be answered with a question: why do you need a valuation? And that, in turn, is really better framed as this question: what are you trying to do, and let us give you some guidance…

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To seek alpha, analyze managers, not funds

By rickColosimo / December 5, 2009 /

This WSJ article on identifying and analyzing mutual funds is interesting because of what’s not there. The article describes a new study by Fama and French, the prolific finance authors who continue to study the efficient market hypothesis and the effects of pretending it doesn’t exist. In short, the study tracked yet another big collection…

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