By rickColosimo / March 25, 2008 /

Our first principle to convert from military to mainstream business usage is Mass. Here’s the original: Mass – Concentrate combat power at the decisive place and time What mass means from the military perspective is that you bring together whatever forces are necessary to achieve a desired result. An example would be moving forces from…

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Too much data? Be decisive.

By rickColosimo / March 11, 2008 /

This article & discussion from includes an excerpt from a new book, CrazyBusy. The author, in that excerpt, talks about how we often get entangled today by a desire to have all the data before we make a decision. In our experience, this is not a side effect of the modern world, of the…

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Parents vs. kids

By rickColosimo / February 25, 2008 /

Most people approaching middle age from well-to-do families or with professional careers are looking forward to a time when they can make themselves independently wealthy: having enough money, in your control, to create passive income sufficient to meet your needs. In working with various families through our relationships with businesses of all sizes, we have…

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Math doesn’t lie

By rickColosimo / February 24, 2008 /

The linked article from the New York Times purports to reveal how hedge fund managers are profiting from inside information (the term of art is “material nonpublic information”). In this case, the secrets refer to pending PIPES (private investment in public equities). If, as the article suggests, a pending PIPES deal is likely to cause…

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